The sentence I chose for the student blogging challenge is “Eels are sssslimy and ssssslippery”.Here is what I came up with.(all these images are labelled for reuse…)

See you all Later…

Comma rules

Lists of words:

At the Zoo we saw Elephants,Zebras,Lions and Giraffes

List of Phrases:

This morning I,got up,brushed my teeth,cooked bacon and ate bacon.

When addressing someone:

Yo Mamma,Did you like your bacon

When adding extra info:

My Mum,Who likes bacon,I love very much.


Hello,Jeff.Dan dan daaaaaan

My goal for Term 1

Goal term 1 (S.M.A.R.T.)
Angus 16th Feb

I want to become better in mathematics
with BODMAS and division.

I want to achieve this goal because I will
need these skills for
high school.

1.Practice at home

2.Listen more in Maths

3.Practice with my mum and dad

I think this goal is realistic for me because I am talented and I think I can get better.

I think it will take me 5 weeks to be fluent with Bodmas and division


My Holidays

On the holidays I didn’t do much but I did have fun.I went and saw steve backshall live on stage here is my recount on it…

As I walked through the city I heard the sound of music.My Dad and I kept walking until we found the source of the music.A man was sitting in a chair playing an Instrument.I Asked my Dad what the instrument was?My Dad said it was a local Asian violin thing.We kept walking to our destination until we saw a giant inflatable pig.The pig was dressed with a blue jacket,sunglasses and a watch.As we walked on we came to a sign with a man on it he was dressed in a green top and jeans.He was Steve Backshall from Deadly 60 and he was our destination.My Dad and I were going to see him live on stage.When we got to our destination we went in and headed down stairs and met up with 4 of my cousins and 2 of my uncles.We all went in and took our seats.The show was amazing there was lots of audience participation which was fun.I LOVED IT!!!.After the show we went up stairs and bought all of his books.

I had an awesome day.

I also went to my grandpas and made a wooden plane…

It has roughly a 50cm wingspan and it was maybe 50 cm long .Spinning engines it is amazing and big it took 6 hours to build and we haven’t painted it yet.


That is basically all I did on the holidays.






“Hey Hey Hey whipper snappers” Angus is back and I’m ready for a new year of blogging.Over the holidays I have had a bit of a change and I have different likes.So here are my new likes for 2016…

Thank you guys for an Awesome 2015 and welcome to Angus’ Awesome Blog 2016…

Bottled Water

Bottled Water is it good or bad?

Well,Bottled water is actually worse quality that pure tap water and 1 third of the bottled water is just filtered tap water.The Energy in the oil that it takes to make every plastic bottle sold in the US could fill 1,000,000 cars.

The bottles take fossil fuels to make. There is actually heaps of oil,coal,petrol and fuel that is used to transport the bottles and that makes even more pollution.

Up to 80% of bottles end up in landfill where over time they disintegrates making more pollution and over time it piles up to make mountains of garbage.

Want to be part of the solution.Just do these 3 easy steps:

1. Don’t buy bottled water unless reusable

2.Rally your community to ban plastic bottles

3.Demand that your city is getting to polluted because of pollution and make a change


So is bottled water Good or Bad.MMMMMMM…Bad.Unless you’re in an area where your water is polluted by the plastic bottle factory’s.