Week 3 Post : BtN Reveiw

Angus~Today we watched a BTN on Landfill and how it affects Australia and the World. I learnt that Clothing items go to Landfill. I also learnt about how Landfill works. First they dig a 16 metre deep hole,Then they fill it up with a layer of rubbish then a layer of dirt until it’s almost full,Then they Put dirt onto all the rubbish and plant trees and grass.But after 50 years of this in the site they have to move. This Landfill system puts loads of gas into the air which causes climate change which is destroying the world. Rubbish moves to Landfill by starting on an item then we unpackage this item and throw our rubbish into the bin.Then these bins are emptied into bigger bins. The big Bins make there journey to the footpath where Garbage trucks collect all the rubbish inside.They then take all the rubbish to the Transfer station where they take out Concrete and metals.Then trucks collect all the Landfill rubbish and take it away from the cities to landfill where all the rubbish is compacted down to decompose. I learnt how to sort items properly and which items go in which bin properly.So how do you recycle at home and how does that help reduce landfill?~Angus

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