SENIOR S FAT FREE CAFE ( My classroom )

This is a very popular cafe for its size but some dishes were like Heaven but others were like a War zone, But apart from the terrible dishes the cafe a was a peaceful place to relax and Recuperate.

The 1st dish I was treated to was Salada in Hummus which tor me between if I liked it or not , But definitely to much salt.

My 2nd dish was A seaweed Cracker in Eggplant dip . In total this dish Was Yuck

My 3rd dish was Salada in tziki which for me was like some one had filled that dip with rainbows unicorns and Heaven. This was definitely my favorite dish with lots of flavor and texture.

My Final dish was  Carrot in eggplant dip which was terrible it was like a war between  the eggplant and my taste buds  fighting together wrecking my mouth with awful Poisonous flavor. After this war a bomb was dropped in my mouth creating an EVIL after taste.

This Cafe had a small range of foods but was very relaxing. In the future I will return for more salada and Tziki…


One thought on “SENIOR S FAT FREE CAFE ( My classroom )

  1. Angus,
    You have displayed some very clever language style in this review, “like a war between my tastebuds ” etc. As with all reviews, I am not sure I agree but you have described your reactions very well.

    Please proofread your work carefully and in particular, have a look for capital letters where they do not belong.
    Great work

    Mrs C

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