Book Review – Alex RIDER


Book Review

ALEX RIDER : Skeleton Key

By Anthony Horowitz

This book starts in a scene of suspense that turns into fright and within a flash is in England. This is the home of Alex Rider, He is a teenage spy who has no family. His parents died in a plane crash and his Uncle Ian Rider has been shot dead on a Secret Mission. He now lives with his caretaker Jack Starbright.

This book takes on a life of its own as it swings you on a wild adventure through the ocean and the air. He encounters the CIA, Great Whites Sharks and deadly Nuclear bombs as he has 30 seconds to save the world from a criminal mastermind.

I enjoyed this book because in times of doubt the author gives you hope and when everything seems fine  suspense creeps up and takes over the book with fright and disaster. The Author uses good language throughout the book that I personally couldn’t fault. EG: Alex felt his heart pounding like a hammer in his Chest.

This book is a good addition to its series because it adds sense to the books that follow after this amazing narrative because it the future books after this one the CIA come back into Play.

Anthony Horowitz did an amazing job on this book and I look forward to reading the rest of this Adventurous series. It makes me feel like I am right there because the characters are so believable.

It fits in with its genre because of all the action that happens within the pages and is an extraordinary book everyone should read.

No one is too young to save the world” – Anthony Horowitz

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