George Mottershead Genius Hour (Dedicated to Chester Zoo) !

This post is on my Genius Hour Project. This was inspired by the TV series “OUR ZOO” where George Mottershead courageously creates a zoo from humble beginnings. If Chester Zoo is out there I would like to Know as a Year 6 Student ” How do you think George Mottershead changed the world? and How does that affect us today? “. PS I would like to hear from your Aardvark keeper I forgot her name but it would be great to hear from her.

I presented it to my class and then my teacher tweeted about it. I was extremely excited to hear that Chester Zoo had seen it and liked it.

Thank you Guys for the support. I will be posting again shortly…

Anguspsl Out!

Credits for Info and Pictures go to Chester zoo as I was supplied with most of my info by Them 🙂

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