George Mottershead Genius Hour (Dedicated to Chester Zoo) !

This post is on my Genius Hour Project. This was inspired by the TV series “OUR ZOO” where George Mottershead courageously creates a zoo from humble beginnings. If Chester Zoo is out there I would like to Know as a Year 6 Student ” How do you think George Mottershead changed the world? and How does that affect us today? “. PS I would like to hear from your Aardvark keeper I forgot her name but it would be great to hear from her.

I presented it to my class and then my teacher tweeted about it. I was extremely excited to hear that Chester Zoo had seen it and liked it.

Thank you Guys for the support. I will be posting again shortly…

Anguspsl Out!

Credits for Info and Pictures go to Chester zoo as I was supplied with most of my info by Them 🙂

Finding Dory Reveiw

Disney Pixars Finding Dory

Reviewed By Angus Perry

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Main Characters Dory,Charlie and Jenny (Blue Tang)

Nemo and Marlin (Clown Fish)

Destiny (Whale Shark)

Bailey (Beluga)

Hank (Septipus)

Setting Great Barrier Reef,California
Rating 🍅🍅🍅🍅1/2

    4 1/2 out of 5

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Finding Dory has finally been released after 13 years since the Inspiration Finding Nemo. This Movie features Dory (Ellen Degeneres) the world’s most forgetful fish remembers her Mum Jenny (Diane Keaton ) and her Dad Charlie (Eugene Levy ). Then with the help of Nemo and Marlin ( Alexander Gould and Albert Brooks  ) she crosses the ocean to find her Parents. Along the way she meets Hank the Septipus (Ed O’neill ),Destiny her old Pipe Pal (Kaitlin Olson) and Bailey a Beluga with the world’s best pair of glasses

(Ty Burell ). This Movie is a great inspiration that lets people know you need to keep searching even though the world might throw everything at you…


I enjoyed how the movie had a bit of Variety and Comedy,How the Characters got along and How in the end Dory gets her memory back.
But, I did not enjoyed how this movie gave Echolocation a different explanation. It shows how Bailey uses his brain to create a Map but in actual fact Echolocation is used by sounds bouncing off objects to see where things are they do not create a 3D hologram in there mind. Overall I enjoyed this Movie and hope that they create another sequel as Finding Friends where they finally find Nemo’s Friends from the first movie.



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At School we had to do a Review. I chose to do it on Finding Dory.

WARNING Spoiler Alert