Using scratch at school is really fun and I enjoy it a lot. Here is my game… Put on a 1 minute timer and see how many ‘Dany’s’ you can save. Leave your score below.

This Game has been updated…

7 thoughts on “Scratch

  1. Well Angus,
    I was quite entertained by saving Danny. Can I present you with 2 challenges ?
    1. Insert a timer and make the game stop after 60 seconds
    2. Make Danny bounce on the trampoline
    Good luck
    Mrs C

    PS Thanks for sharing this on your blog! Great idea

    • Well Angus,
      You rose to the challenge. Great work on the timer. I know you are woking on the bounce idea too. By the way I got 331!
      Great work. I look forward to your next creations.
      Mrs C

      • Angus,
        I can see that you are experimenting with lots of features. Personally I preferred it when I had to move the trampoline. Good designs take lots of trial and error, I like your persistence !

        Mrs C

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