Week 3 Post : BtN Reveiw

Angus~Today we watched a BTN on Landfill and how it affects Australia and the World. I learnt that Clothing items go to Landfill. I also learnt about how Landfill works. First they dig a 16 metre deep hole,Then they fill it up with a layer of rubbish then a layer of dirt until it’s almost full,Then they Put dirt onto all the rubbish and plant trees and grass.But after 50 years of this in the site they have to move. This Landfill system puts loads of gas into the air which causes climate change which is destroying the world. Rubbish moves to Landfill by starting on an item then we unpackage this item and throw our rubbish into the bin.Then these bins are emptied into bigger bins. The big Bins make there journey to the footpath where Garbage trucks collect all the rubbish inside.They then take all the rubbish to the Transfer station where they take out Concrete and metals.Then trucks collect all the Landfill rubbish and take it away from the cities to landfill where all the rubbish is compacted down to decompose. I learnt how to sort items properly and which items go in which bin properly.So how do you recycle at home and how does that help reduce landfill?~Angus

Term 3 Reflection…

This Term I enjoyed our Inquiry as it made us go on a really fun excursion to the city where we met Neil Angus. I surprisingly also enjoyed our maths because we learnt about BODMAS and I believe I got better in that skill. This term was really fun because I learnt a lot of new things and I am really looking forward to my last term at Primary School because we get to go to MSAC and I get an Ipad in year 7. Overall the term was amazing with my excellent teacher and I look forward to the last term I have with Her and my Friends.

“I am Grateful for having a good

Education and Food and Water”


SENIOR S FAT FREE CAFE ( My classroom )

This is a very popular cafe for its size but some dishes were like Heaven but others were like a War zone, But apart from the terrible dishes the cafe a was a peaceful place to relax and Recuperate.

The 1st dish I was treated to was Salada in Hummus which tor me between if I liked it or not , But definitely to much salt.

My 2nd dish was A seaweed Cracker in Eggplant dip . In total this dish Was Yuck

My 3rd dish was Salada in tziki which for me was like some one had filled that dip with rainbows unicorns and Heaven. This was definitely my favorite dish with lots of flavor and texture.

My Final dish was  Carrot in eggplant dip which was terrible it was like a war between  the eggplant and my taste buds  fighting together wrecking my mouth with awful Poisonous flavor. After this war a bomb was dropped in my mouth creating an EVIL after taste.

This Cafe had a small range of foods but was very relaxing. In the future I will return for more salada and Tziki…


Book Review – Alex RIDER


Book Review

ALEX RIDER : Skeleton Key

By Anthony Horowitz

This book starts in a scene of suspense that turns into fright and within a flash is in England. This is the home of Alex Rider, He is a teenage spy who has no family. His parents died in a plane crash and his Uncle Ian Rider has been shot dead on a Secret Mission. He now lives with his caretaker Jack Starbright.

This book takes on a life of its own as it swings you on a wild adventure through the ocean and the air. He encounters the CIA, Great Whites Sharks and deadly Nuclear bombs as he has 30 seconds to save the world from a criminal mastermind.

I enjoyed this book because in times of doubt the author gives you hope and when everything seems fine  suspense creeps up and takes over the book with fright and disaster. The Author uses good language throughout the book that I personally couldn’t fault. EG: Alex felt his heart pounding like a hammer in his Chest.

This book is a good addition to its series because it adds sense to the books that follow after this amazing narrative because it the future books after this one the CIA come back into Play.

Anthony Horowitz did an amazing job on this book and I look forward to reading the rest of this Adventurous series. It makes me feel like I am right there because the characters are so believable.

It fits in with its genre because of all the action that happens within the pages and is an extraordinary book everyone should read.

No one is too young to save the world” – Anthony Horowitz

George Mottershead Genius Hour (Dedicated to Chester Zoo) !

This post is on my Genius Hour Project. This was inspired by the TV series “OUR ZOO” where George Mottershead courageously creates a zoo from humble beginnings. If Chester Zoo is out there I would like to Know as a Year 6 Student ” How do you think George Mottershead changed the world? and How does that affect us today? “. PS I would like to hear from your Aardvark keeper I forgot her name but it would be great to hear from her.

I presented it to my class and then my teacher tweeted about it. I was extremely excited to hear that Chester Zoo had seen it and liked it.

Thank you Guys for the support. I will be posting again shortly…

Anguspsl Out!

Credits for Info and Pictures go to Chester zoo as I was supplied with most of my info by Them 🙂

Finding Dory Reveiw

Disney Pixars Finding Dory

Reviewed By Angus Perry

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 10.37.44 AM


Main Characters Dory,Charlie and Jenny (Blue Tang)

Nemo and Marlin (Clown Fish)

Destiny (Whale Shark)

Bailey (Beluga)

Hank (Septipus)

Setting Great Barrier Reef,California
Rating 🍅🍅🍅🍅1/2

    4 1/2 out of 5

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 10.38.11 AM

Finding Dory has finally been released after 13 years since the Inspiration Finding Nemo. This Movie features Dory (Ellen Degeneres) the world’s most forgetful fish remembers her Mum Jenny (Diane Keaton ) and her Dad Charlie (Eugene Levy ). Then with the help of Nemo and Marlin ( Alexander Gould and Albert Brooks  ) she crosses the ocean to find her Parents. Along the way she meets Hank the Septipus (Ed O’neill ),Destiny her old Pipe Pal (Kaitlin Olson) and Bailey a Beluga with the world’s best pair of glasses

(Ty Burell ). This Movie is a great inspiration that lets people know you need to keep searching even though the world might throw everything at you…


I enjoyed how the movie had a bit of Variety and Comedy,How the Characters got along and How in the end Dory gets her memory back.
But, I did not enjoyed how this movie gave Echolocation a different explanation. It shows how Bailey uses his brain to create a Map but in actual fact Echolocation is used by sounds bouncing off objects to see where things are they do not create a 3D hologram in there mind. Overall I enjoyed this Movie and hope that they create another sequel as Finding Friends where they finally find Nemo’s Friends from the first movie.



Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 10.37.59 AM



At School we had to do a Review. I chose to do it on Finding Dory.

WARNING Spoiler Alert


My Picture Book

In Class we have been creating picture books. I have created one called Zander the red Panda which is down below as an Ebook. 

It was a challenge to create my book but I got there in the end… My Buddy liked it so I am Happy. Great book with utter brilliance!!!

***** Five weird Stars

I enjoyed this experience I look forward to doing it again.  Yes thats Right “We’re Doing a Sequel , It will happen again , while we wait for Tom Hanks to make Toy story 4…” Credit to the Muppets



Static electricity is caused by the rubbing of 2 objects that form electricity that can zap you.Static can be used for many things like stick a balloon to yourself or even lift up paper.Static is very dangerous too because at places like petrol stations if you are filling up your car and you leave it and take 2 feet off the ground this can cause static and make the petrol catch on fire.Static could blow up a whole petrol station.


Using scratch at school is really fun and I enjoy it a lot. Here is my game… Put on a 1 minute timer and see how many ‘Dany’s’ you can save. Leave your score below.

This Game has been updated…